"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences
We are spiritual beings having human experiences"
We provide strategic expertise
We look at the big picture
We dive deeper
Growth with speed, execution in deed is our motto

Harnessing human energy with technology to

Grow with Speed and Execute in deed. 

What We Do

  • A Management Consulting Firm run by professionals of national & international reputes having both hands on experience in different disciples of corporate life and consulting & teaching.
  • A complete solution provider right from understanding the problem, analysing the issues, searching for appropriate solution and handholding the client during process intervention and overall turnround.
  • Expertise in the field of HR, Finance, Engineering, Operation, Maintenance, SHE, Energy Audit, Energy Management, TQM and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Specialised  in Mentoring, Leadership  Development and help creating corporate and individual  Vision Actualisation Statement.
Corporate/Institutional Turnaround

  • Understanding 3C’s (Company, customer-Competition and 3R ( Reality-Ripeness-Resourcefulness) of the business.
  • Provide Strategy & Acton Plan on operation, marketing, Finance, HR &System.
  • Develop robust review system for corrective action & improvement & growth.

Training & Development

We offer a variety of 100% customized training educational programs. Read More


  • Organisation Climate Survey
  • Institutional Building
  • Mentoring, coaching & counseling
  • Periodic Intervention


At the heart of many manufacturing processes is the critical rotating equipment. Profitability hinges on effective specification, procurement and installation of new equipment, troubleshooting existing equipment, best in class maintenance practices, and bringing the best technical resources to support your rotating equipment operating reliably between major maintenance intervals. And then, when maintenance is required, having the best resources to effectively plan and execute this work in a cost effective, timely manner is essential, while at the same time providing years of reliable operation. Read More

Health SAFETY Environment

Workplace safety training is as vital as workplace safety itself. It enables the management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

HumanSigma is geared towards supporting safety professionals and their employees on their journey of safe work. Each journey is different. We know how to tailor projects to each of our customer’s unique needs and budget. We have conducted several safety training/workshop for government and private corporates.

We also facilitate safety studies, process safety, HAZOP identification & studies, BOW-TIE analysis, Risk analysis.


Ongoing Webinars

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Appreciations !

It was a life changing experience. Their webinars are super easy to understand and make life worth living.
Ankur Sen
Our profits grew exponentially after their training. We are grateful to the team of HumanSigma.
Sonali Chowdhury
We are grateful to HumanSigma for their extended support to our organisation and our management and employees.
Rubi Baid Bhansali
Their webinars changed my understanding of life. Big Fan of your Stress Management Series.
Ajay Kr. Gupta

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